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What are the Major Types of Medical Waste?

What are the Major Types of Medical Waste? 


Medical waste and the proper disposal of such waste is one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare providers today.  Concerns exist with meeting all federal regulations for proper medical waste disposal as well as epidemiology, HIPAA and potential civil litigation.  Types of medical waste includes a wide variety of items and byproducts of the healthcare industry such as:

Infectious waste – includes any type of waste that may contain infectious material or have the potential to be infectious from bodily fluids or blood.  This includes bandages, gloves, swabs, tissues, lab cultures and more.

Sharps – includes any type of instrument that may pierce the skin such as needles, scalpels, staples, wires, razors, lancets and more.

Pathological – any type of human fluid, body part, blood or tissue including animal tissue

Radioactive – any type of radiotherapy often in liquid form, also includes supplies or glassware contaminated with radioactive material

Genotoxic waste – medical waste which is highly hazardous either as carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic.  Includes cytotoxic medications used in cancer treatment.

Chemical waste –  this includes solvents used in labs, heavy metals, disinfectants and mercury from broken thermometers

Pharmaceuticals – includes all unused medications for any reason such as expired drugs or leftover drugs from a patient leaving the hospital and encompasses pills, injectables, lozenges, patches, liquids and other pharmaceutical medications. 

Non-regulated, general medical waste – this category includes non-hazardous medical waste which does not pose any risk with physical, biological, chemical or radioactive danger.

How to Dispose of Medical Pharmaceutical Waste 

A few different methods of medication waste disposal are available to hospitals and healthcare facilities.  By far, the most convenient is a disposal method on-site with disposable containers containing an active ingredient to quickly and compliantly dispose of medications.  Rx Destroyer™ offers a safe, easy and affordable medication waste disposal system with various containers to meet the needs of any size facility.

Our containers contain a patented formula that instantly renders medications non-retrievable which meets the most recent EPA and DEA regulations.  Hospital staff can simply toss unused medications into the container and gently shake to quickly and easily discard unused pharmaceuticals.

With Rx Destroyer™, you can save time and money while maintaining compliance to all federal pharmaceutical waste disposal regulations.  Each facility must meet state, local and tribal regulations as well as specific facility procedures. Our products are easy to use, never require a contract and are highly effective and compliant to DEA and EPA regulations.

Rx Destroyer™ is a leading pharmaceutical disposal system offering safe, easy and affordable drug disposal options.  We provide medication waste disposal solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, healthcare facilities and many other institutions managing pharmaceuticals and waste.  Contact us with any questions and to learn more about the simple and safe Rx Destroyer™ medication waste disposal solution.

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