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PDM Healthcare Launches Papa & Barkley CBD Line

PDM Healthcare Launches Papa & Barkley CBD Line


PDM Healthcare has partnered with Papa & Barkley to provide our clients with a complete line of all-natural, high quality CBD products.  Products are available for use in pain management/inflammation as well as sleep issues and anxiety.

After conducting a thorough review of the vast CBD market and hundreds of products and manufacturers, PDM Healthcare chose to award a contract to Papa & Barkley based on the company’s standards of excellence, rigorous manufacturing process and quality control, and superior customer service. 

Papa & Barkley was founded with a mission to compassionately care for those in pain, and takes pride in manufacturing CBD in its purest, cleanest form possible.  The CBD used in Papa Barkley products is extracted directly from hemp flowers grown in California, Oregon, and Vermont. Unlike other CBD companies, solvents or harsh chemicals like butane or CO2 are not used in the manufacturing process.  Instead, hemp flowers are added to a base oil (MCT) to prepare it for infusion and manufacture.

Quality is also held to the highest standards.  Papa & Barkley uses a rigorous triple-testing process to guarantee consistency and the highest quality product from soil to shelf.

Test 1: Confirms the quality of the hemp flowers before the lipid infusion begins.

Test 2: Ensures the purity and potency before blending the infused oil.

Test 3: Certifies it’s clean, full strength, and effective.


For more information, including special discounted pricing available exclusively for PDM Healthcare’s clients, please contact 


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