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CBD Backed by Science. 4.5x more absorption than the leading CBD format.

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• Two CBD formulations were compared in a double-blind absorption study: water-soluble (Caliper CBD) and oil-soluble CBD.

• Caliper CBD demonstrated a faster onset than oil-soluble CBD (within 15 minutes of ingestion).

Caliper's Promise

Caliper was founded on the idea that CBD has a variety of benefits when consumed correctly and at the proper dose. But we recognize that our industry is rampant with misinformation and egregious claims, and we’re here to combat that by only telling you what we know to be true, and only selling you what we know to be good. We strive to create the most consistent, fast-acting, bioavailable, scientifically validated CBD product so that you can be confident you’re getting the good stuff. We promise to be a reliable and trustworthy partner on your journey toward finding relief.

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