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Coming Soon to PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™: Pointy from Google

Coming Soon to PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™: Pointy from Google

We have some exciting news! We have integrated with Pointy from Google which means it's free to install within PrimeRx™ and PrimePOS™.

At PrimeRx™, we believe Pointy can be especially beneficial for pharmacies. Pointy attracts people to your store by showing them the OTC products you stock. Often, when a patient is looking for a specific product, they can’t see if a local pharmacy like yours has it. With Pointy, patients can see your OTC products on Google, browse your inventory, and get your address to come into your pharmacy to get what they need.


As pharmacy managers are well aware, most patients think of the pharmacy primarily as a place to pick up their medications and maybe discuss a health concern with a pharmacist. Purchases of OTC medications and products, sundries and grocery items are often secondary reasons to visit the pharmacy. But with more people than ever researching online, now is a great time to get your OTC products online - so more people can find them in your pharmacy.

Next week we will be sending you information about how you can take advantage of Pointy.


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