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Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ - Accreditation for Advanced Rx Services by The Compliance Team

Company Background 

Inspired by the teachings of Florence Nightingale, and modern day quality icons W. Edwards Deming and Masaaki Imai, Sandra Canally, founder and CEO, of The Compliance Team™, has developed healthcare’s first suite of simplified operations-based accreditation programs which are grounded on two core beliefs: 1.) Every patient deserves exemplary care. 2.) It should not be difficult or costly for providers to achieve healthcare delivery excellence. 

Accreditation Process Overview 

The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® program is the only Medicare-authorized accreditation that was purposely designed to streamline daily pharmacy operations so that they become integral parts of a measurable quality improvement process. Participants need not change their business models. First-time applicants enroll for three years. It takes on average four-hours/week over a four-month period to implement the program. As an added value, included are expert-led intro webinars; a subscription to Patient Quality Measurement™, our national patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking database; hundreds of document templates; regular update notices; excellent customer service and much more. The net effect is a dramatically simplified and cost effective accreditation process that leads pharmacies to verifiable and validated measures that justly deserve Exemplary Provider® recognition. 

Department of Health & Human Services Authority 

The Compliance Team through its Exemplary Provider®-branded programs is authorized by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services to accredit Medicare Part A – Rural Health Clinic and Patient Centered Medical Home providers; and Medicare Part B – Durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies (DMEPOS) provider services. 

Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™

 Better patient medication management starts with better coordination between a patient’s pharmacy and prescribing professionals. Program goals: 1.) Reduce emergency department visits and hospital re-admissions of problematic patients. 2.) Lessen prescribing clinician workloads. 3.) Increase your pharmacy’s prescription business via the development of agreements with prescribers. In short, our advanced practice accreditation track provides the framework by which your community pharmacy can better engage with chronic care patients and their prescribers. It will serve as public notice to patients and payers alike that you are performing at the top of your license. 

Telepharmacy Accreditation 

The Compliance Team’s latest accreditation process acts as an operations based blueprint for setting-up remote prescription dispensing locations using advanced telecommunication technologies and innovative models of care. 


“These high standards (The Compliance Team’s) reflect and validate our commitment to continuously strive to improve patient health outcomes in every community that we serve. We are extremely proud of our pharmacists who provide unparalleled care every day, and are very grateful to The Compliance Team, whose innovative and industry leading accreditation strategies have helped us achieve this incredibly important milestone in the growth of our professional pharmacy services.” — David Adsit, RPh, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Kinney Drugs, Gouverneur, NY 

Pharmacy Services Accreditation Programs 

Community Pharmacy – all Rx services including: Medicare-authorized DMEPOS, Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™ (advanced Rx), telepharmacy, sterile and non-sterile compounding, long-term care, specialty drugs, infusion, and retail clinic. 

Additional Health Sector Accreditation Programs 

Medicare Part A – Rural Health Clinic (RHC), MACRA-approved for Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), immediate care clinic, sleep care management, Medicare Part B – DMEPOS, ocularist/ anaplastologist, and private duty. 

GPO Affiliations 

MHA-Managed Health Care Associates; TOPCO; Alliant Rx; Western States Pharmacy Coalition; PVA-Pharmacy Value Alliance 

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