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Omnicell | Maximize Revenue and Improve Patient Outcomes [Video]


Company Background 

At Omnicell, we are transforming medication adherence. Our innovative suite of scalable solutions is designed to improve patient engagement, medication compliance, and workflow efficiency, resulting in better outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. We leverage software solutions, medication adherence packaging, and hardware automation to drive pharmacy business growth and address evolving challenges of adherence and compliance. 

Product Overview 

Omnicell is uniquely positioned to offer our valued pharmacy partners an unprecedented suite of patient care solutions to position them for long-term growth and sustainability. 

Save Time, Enhance Engagement, and Grow Script Volumes with Patient Communications 

Omnicell IVR (multilingual interactive voice response) and Omnicell Patient Communications increase patient access to the pharmacy 24 hours/seven days a week. 

• Capitalize on your time and valuable resources to allow for better engagement with patients.

• Automate refill requests and pharmacy information, such as pharmacy hours, specials, etc. 

• Improve patient adherence and increase script volume by ensuring that patients are filling their prescriptions on time. 

• Achieve 70% acceptance in automated suggested refills using Omnicell Inbound Patient Communications. 

• Omnicell Outbound Patient Communications deliver real-time, relevant messaging based on the patient’s communication preference. Omnicell’s hosted IVR solution provides customers with an agile platform to reduce costs, add innovative features, and increase functionality to improve the patient experience, without the need for on-site hardware. 

Achieve a Holistic View of Patients on a Single Platform 

Omnicell Patient Engagement is a single, web-based platform that hosts all functionality to guide and track patient interventions, notes, and appointments. 

• Uses predictive analytics to prioritize patient interventions and pharmacy tasks, and integrates with PMS for a bidirectional workflow. 

• Raise PDC Scores, reduce DIR fees, and retain more patients with Omnicell Medication Synchronization. Uses predictive analytics to identify and enroll patients with chronic medications and uses an algorithm to sync prescriptions to all be picked up at the same time every month. 

• Omnicell Medication Synchronization Health Plan Dashboards allow pharmacies to implement a DIR fee strategy to prioritize patients for enrollment by health plan and Star-Rated measures to have positive impact on PDC scores. 

• Omnicell MTM: Supports high-efficiency attainment of improved patient outcomes and reduction of healthcare costs for regional and national chains seeking payer channel expansion and maximized pharmacy profitability. 

• Omnicell Targeted Patient Interventions: Delivers proactive outreach methods at the right time to high-value, at-risk patients to drive improved adherence and outcomes by using ongoing patient engagement. 

Differentiate with Solutions Proven to Improve Patient Adherence 

SureMed® by Omnicell® Multimed Blister Cards clearly organize multiple medications in an easy-to-follow format that provides instant visual reinforcement of what to take and when.

• Increase medication adherence and improve patient outcomes. 

• Omnicell provides card customization and free marketing tools to further help you differentiate yourself in the marketplace. 

Increase Hand-Packing Accuracy and Gain More Patients 

Guided Packing is a web-based application that provides a high-level of confidence in packing accuracy. 

• Creates consolidated label with patient information and medication dosing instructions. 

• Utilizes the SureMed® by Omnicell® Class B certified perforated blister cards. 

Maximize Revenue and Decrease Expenses with Automation 

The VBM 200F is the only small-footprint automation that efficiently and accurately fills and checks SureMed Multimed Blister Cards. 

• Free up pharmacy staff and reduce operating expenses by filling, checking, and sealing 40+ cards an hour. 

• Uses unparalleled and proven vision technology to verify every medication for each individual blister before the card is filled. 

• Pharmacies have the competitive advantage to easily scale their business to improve adherence and patient outcomes. 


 “Adding this automated solution was an obvious move for our facility as we looked to provide for more patients in our community and partner with other types of care providers.” — Stephen MacNeill, RPh, Winchester Pharmacy Owner & President, Winchester, MA 

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