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IntelliVault, IntelliVault MTB, IntelliCab, and IntelliStock by GSL Solutions, Inc. [VIDEO]

IntelliVault, IntelliVault MTB, IntelliCab, and IntelliStock by GSL Solutions, Inc.

The full suite of GSL Solutions, Inc.’s products are integrated in a single software, IntelliSys™, which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to physically track medications while achieving efficiency in operations, reduction of labor hours, increased compliance, and higher user and patient satisfaction.

Company Background

GSL Solutions Inc’s technologies are founded by the marriage of the minds of an engineer, Steve Garrett and a pharmacist, Shelton Louie. Both understood from the very beginning that prescriptions are physical products that need to be tracked physically. Further, they added the requirement that the technology they developed would track automatically, without repetitive scanning. These requirements led them to use RFID in their family of products which all run on the IntelliSys platform ensuring accountability. The system is based on real-time RFID and integrates seamlessly allowing for the tracking of medications from receiving through sale. Efficiency in operations is achieved through an automated C2 log, 100% user accountability and pill tracking.

Product Overview

GSL Solutions offers several products to meet the needs of a multitude of pharmacy environments: IntelliVault™, IntelliVault MTB™, IntelliCab™, and IntelliStock™. Each product can stand alone, or can work together to provide a seamless workflow.


The IntelliVault provides discrete stock storage and prescription filling of controlled medications (C2-C5). The user is required to use their badge to open the IntelliVault and can only access the specific medication that is needed. The physical use of the system creates the log just by using it without repetitive scanning. Efficiency in operations is achieved through an automated C2 log (AutoLog™) with 100% user accountability and medication product tracking. The system’s inventory reporting can be configured to meet any of your internal needs and pharmacy board requirements. Reports are in real-time. With the IntelliVault, technicians can fill C2 prescriptions, freeing pharmacists to focus on skilled clinical work.

-IntelliVault MTB (Meds-to-Bed)

IntelliVault MTB (Meds-to-Bed) modifies the functionality of the IntelliVault for storage of home medications and the dispensing of discharge medications at the patient’s bedside. Discrete “pick to light” access ensures safety, efficiency, and accountability.

-IntelliVault RD (Remote Dispense)

IntelliVault Remote Dispense uses the IntelliVault platform to provide efficient remote delivery of medications from the filling pharmacy to your patient discharge dispensing location. Discrete “Pick to Light” access ensures safety, efficiency, and accountability.


The IntelliCab will-call system eliminates misfiling, picking errors and wasted space while providing safe and HIPAA compliant willcall storage, reduced transaction times, and increased customer service. Return-to-stock is performed with the touch of a button in minutes instead of hours. The IntelliCab is easy to install without construction or disruption to your operation while saving up to 50% of will call space. One of the optional AutoFeatures, AutoNotify, will automatically notify a patient when their medication is shelved in the IntelliCab. This feature can also notify patients of recalls. When paired with the IntelliVault system, a complete chain of custody and pedigree is maintained from stock receiving to prescription filling to patient pickup.


IntelliStock allows for tracking of all non-controlled medication stock with full user accountability. The system performs automatic NDC verification while identifying the right stock bottle and quantity of a drug needed to fill a prescription without repetitive scanning. The system uses the oldest drugs first automatically and will not dispense any expired or recalled medications. Inventory reports are in real-time and can be configured to your internal needs and pharmacy board requirements.

The full suite of GSL Solutions products are integrated in a single software to ensure full accountability with less labor, increased compliance, reduced transaction times, and elevated customer service and patient safety.

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