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New COVID-19 Vaccines Not Effective Against All COVID Variants

Contrary to what mainstream press has been reporting about Moderna, Pfizer, and Oxford vaccines being highly effective, and supposed effectiveness against the recently reported highly contagious COVID-19 mutant strains found in the EU, Africa, and now the US, these new vaccines are not effective against all COVID variants.

For example, COVID-15 (Chocolate Often Vanquishes Increasing Depression) has afflicted Americans for decades. To date no vaccine has been successfully developed to alleviate COVID-15.  Some have erroneously cited COVID-19 as the cause for COVID-15.  That is just not true.  While the incidence of COVID-15 has spiked since COVID-19 came into our vocabulary, COVID-15 has preceded COVID-19 for generations.  You might justifiably question why the press hasn’t been more attentive to calling out and reporting on these previously existing COVID variants.  After all, COVID-16 runs rampant in the US every year.  And why haven’t we heard about COVID-17 or COVID-18?

COVID-16 (Calories Obliterated Via Intense Dieting) strikes every year, but in America particularly!  Though many are impacted, incidence rates seem highest in younger and middle-aged women.  While COVID-16 is prevalent, and worthy of further research (E.g. “If only I could take a pill for the extra pounds…”) most treatment modalities are short-lived and/or ineffective.  COVID-16 often hits just after the Christmas and New Years holiday period ends, just as the flu hits hard after Thanksgiving.  For most, the duration of COVID-16 is only 3 to 4 weeks. Most won’t struggle beyond January, and they’ll move on with life as it was prior to their COVID-16 episode. Those that suffer for the full 16 weeks report weight loss as the biggest lingering after-effect.  Some who experience COVID-16 for the full 16 weeks with all its suffering and sacrifice may continue into late spring and summer with weight loss.

Yes, COVID-19 has dominated the news, but there have been days when the newer, perhaps less recognized variant of COVID  compounded COVID-19’s impact on all of us.  Many in the sciences will argue that COVID-20 (Conflict Outshining Valid Information Dissemination) has contributed to the protracted COVID-19 pandemic.  And yup, you guessed it, the new COVID-19 vaccines can’t cure COVID-20.

So where do we go from here? Let’s hope that 2021 brings us a new COVID – perhaps one that effuses joy and prosperity, and doesn’t require another vaccine discovery.

Write us with a positive COVID-21 variant you are hoping to see in the new year.

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