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Source Communications | Start Streamlining Your Operations, Reducing Risk, and Improving Efficiency [Video]


Company Background 

Source Communications started in 1987 as a distributor of voice and data cabling products. As our customers’ needs grew, so did we. Over the years we continually added new expertise and support by providing custom cable assemblies along with network and POS cable installation. This broad industry exposure highlighted the need for customer-specific products to secure equipment, support new technology, and optimize the available space. To meet this ever-growing need, Source introduced the Wireless Cash Cart™, a portable check stand solution, and the innovative Understand™, a secure, PCI compliant credit card reader stand. This product offering was quickly supported by designing and producing customer specific racks, cabinets, and shelves which evolved into the revolutionary Modular Pole Systems™ product line, currently in use by pharmacies nationwide. Source is focused on meeting the industry needs where ever they may go. 

Product Overview 

Modular Pole Systems™ from Source increase the productivity, efficiency, and customer experience in pharmacies nationwide. Developed in conjunction with our retail customers to protect POS hardware, save valuable space, improve your customers’ experience, and increase productivity. Superior counter organization and effective use of vertical space is a key component when you are working on sensitive medical operations in a limited space. When your equipment is well organized and securely mounted, employees spend more time focused upon your customers. It’s easy to reconfigure the Modular Pole Systems as your needs change. Our Modular Poles arrive pre-assembled for quick and easy installation, and our patented designs are capable of mounting more equipment than any other pole available today. Simply put, the Modular Pole Systems provide the highest return on your investment and are the best choice you can make towards securing and organizing your equipment. 

Features & Options

 • Nearly limitless configurations. 

• Customization and adaptability to changing needs. 

• Flexibility to create more ergonomic POS locations. 

• Simplifies cable management. 

• Ability to mount keyboards, monitors, phones, scanners, printers, and more. 

• Durable construction with solid black finish. 

• Frees up valuable space. 

• Protects and secures hardware. 

• Patented and made in America. 


“With the products and services that you have been able to provide to us, we have become a better and stronger organization as well as a leader in our industry. The Pharmacy poles (as an example) – The idea of condensing all the computer equipment that takes up a massive amount of work space into a small footprint that then becomes a desirable workstation … stands out as a game changer.” ­— Manager of POS Systems at a Nationwide Retailer 

Markets Served 

• Pharmacies

 • Retailers 

• Office Facilities  

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