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How to Reduce Risk and Waste, Improve Productivity, and Safeguard USP Environments

How to Reduce Risk and Waste, Improve Productivity, and Safeguard USP Environments

A visionary approach to cleaning equipment and consumables 

For any environment that falls under the auspices of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), cleaning efficacy is essential. And for USP <797> environments in particular, it’s absolutely critical. As evidenced by the 2012 case of the New England Compounding Pharmacy where 64 people died and 800 were injured by unsanitary parenteral drugs, substandard aseptic practices can have devastating consequences. 

Aside from worst case scenarios, it makes sense on every level—from operational to budgetary—to have the most effective and efficient cleaning tools possible. 

A Cleaning System That’s Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts
However, the cleaning equipment and consumables used in most facilities, such as cleaning carts, mops and wipes, were typically chosen individually over long periods of time. While these items have their merits, they were not engineered to work in tandem. A complete cleaning system where items can be used separately but offer a synergistic effect when used together is a more efficient and effective approach.    

Next Generation Cleaning Carts 
These specialized Saturix cleaning carts are the nexus of this new type of cleaning system. When used with corresponding mop frames and mops, they greatly increase overall cleanliness while reducing risk and waste. 

Hands-free “Mop Drop” system 
Users no longer need to physically touch mops in order to apply or remove them. This greatly reduces the risk of spreading dirty cleaning solution.

Precision mop dosing of single mops 
By pressing a clean mop on a liquid release lever, users saturate one mop at a time with a precise amount of liquid and ensure that dirty mops never contact the cleaning solution. This greatly reduces the waste of cleaning solution while eliminating the residual contamination risk posed by conventional two and three mop bucket systems. Our precision dosing system ensures users always mop with clean mops and clean solutions.

Autoclavable with secure liquid storage
A fully autoclavable model offers secure on-cart storage of liquid cleaning solution for up to seven days, further reducing chemical waste.

Microfiber Pocket Mops

Designed for use with Saturix cleaning carts and hardware, these mops offer a host of performance features that reduce risk and waste.


Hands-free operation 
The pocket mop design, in conjunction with the Saturix folding frame, eliminates the need to apply new mops and remove dirty mops by hand, eliminating the risk of spreading dirty mopping solution to other surfaces.

99.9% particle removal*
The uniquely designed microfiber substrate removes 99.9% of particles, down to .1 micron in size, offering extreme cleaning efficacy.

Higher liquid laydown consistency 
Saturix mops provide even, consistent liquid laydown, which increases the efficacy of cleaning solutions. 


Up to 47% higher coverage per mop**
Saturix mops offer far higher coverage per mop compared to leading competitors, greatly reducing mop consumption. 

High Performance Wipes and Sterile Isopropyl Alcohol
While Saturix cleaning carts and mops are directly integrated for maximum functionality, Saturix wipes provide complimentary performance features for a complete cleaning system. 

Advanced microfiber wipes with 99.9% particle removal
Like the Saturix mops, these microfiber wipes feature advanced material design for maximum cleaning efficiency. Available dry, IPA presaturated and sterile, these wipes can improve performance and reduce risk in a variety of USP environments. 

Enhanced polyester knit and polyester cellulose substrates
Saturix wipes improve upon standard polyester knit and polyester cellulose clean wipes with cleanroom production methods to reduce NVRs, fibers, and other adulterants. They are also available dry, IPA presaturated and sterile, serving wide ranging USP needs. 

Bag-in-bottle sterile isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
IPA is a staple in USP environments, and Saturix improves upon the basic design with bag-in-bottle packaging that helps ensure sterility throughout usage. 

A Design for Improving Productivity and Reducing Risk
When a cleaning system is built from the ground up for comprehensive productivity improvements and risk reduction, users in high stakes environments have the most to gain from adoption. For professionals in USP environments, a complete cleaning system offers comprehensive benefits for productivity and risk management.

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