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Guardian Medical Systems, LLC.

Guardian Medical Systems is the go-to source in the Mid-Atlantic region for Pharmacy, Cleanroom and Lab Design, Storage Solutions, Medical Grade Refrigeration and Medication Barcode Packaging Equipment. Our focus is on pharmacy needs including USP 795/797/800 Consulting, Design and Installation.

With 30+ years of combined experience, Guardian Medical’s team of designers and suppliers are ready to provide the design you want at the budget you need. Our services can be scaled from a single hospital to a corporate-wide Pharmacy and Cleanroom protocol.

Project Services including:

  • Pharmacy and Lab Consulting, Design & Build
  • Cleanroom Design & Fit-out
  • Environmental Monitoring

Product Supply including: 

Modular Casework
Modular Casework allows for easy reconfiguration in the future. Providing both laminate and steel casework, Guardian’s team works with you to find a material and finish that addresses your environmental concerns and meets project budget requirements.

Laminate Casework features include:

  • Affordable 
  • Many finishes available 
  • Flexible storage options 
  • Laminate and solid surface countertops available

Steel Casework features include:

  • Electrostatically applied, oven cured, epoxy-based paint finish as shown in SEFA specifications
  • Resistant to constant cleaning and abrasive materials
  • Many base cabinet styles to choose from
  • Mobile caster option on base cabinets
  • Wide selection of over-counter shelving and cabinet options
  • All welded, heavy duty unibody construction

Also Supplying:

  • Storage Solutions 
  • Medical Packaging, Inc. Unit-Dose Packaging Equipment 
  • IV Hoods & Bio-Safety Cabinets
  • Pass-Through Boxes
  • Refrigeration
  • Seating Solutions

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