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How Dottie’s Pharmacy Grew from a Two-Person Operation to a URAC Accredited Specialty Pharmacy

Temperature monitoring for patient peace-of-mind, onsite storage and URAC accreditation

Dottie’s Pharmacy opened its doors in 2013 – and within just seven years had grown their two-person operation to a multi-state, fully-staffed specialty pharmacy. They credit their success to their patient-first focus, which included using Temptime’s TransTracker® temperature indicators in outgoing shipments so patients can see at-a-glance if medication has gotten too hot or too cold. They quickly began planning to earn their URAC accreditation, which led them to install W-200 and M-300 electronic temperature sensors to monitor medication onsite as well as implement Package Performance Qualification (PPQ) testing.


The result?

Dottie’s Pharmacy achieved 100% URAC compliance on their first attempt for accreditation. They were also able to make critical changes to pharmacy equipment that helped them further stabilize medication temperatures and humidity in storage.

Find out how Dottie’s Pharmacy put Temptime’s temperature monitoring solutions to work for them – from patient shipments through to URAC accreditation.


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