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Dry Ice Critical Vaccine Shipping and Storage Solutions [VIDEO]

Now, More Than Ever

Dry Ice Critical Vaccine Shipping and Storage Solutions

NFC Enabled 


Multi-use Dual Sensor Temperature Data Logger, Built-in Probe, and Real-Time LCD Display for Cryogenic Applications.

This reliable and cost-effective digital temperature recorder has one sensor for ambient temperatures (-29°C TO +72°C) inside the case, and one external RTD stainless-steel probe that monitors temperatures down to -200°C and up to +300°C. It is ideal for monitoring all of your cryogenically stored stem cells and biologic materials.

Features of the 3C\TEMP-USB -200°C

• Small Format

• Visual Alarms

• NFC Enabled

• Computer Ready


Insulated Dry Ice Shipping Boxes. Protect your Covid vaccines everywhere in the Cold Chain. 

CoolBoxus solutions ensure that your Cold Chain is complete from end to end. Reusable CoolBoxus protect products everywhere along the Cold Chain.

VIP materials are 10 times more efficient than traditional insulation, maximizing space and minimizing weight and size.

Features of VIP Boxes

• Use for both active and passive temperature control

• Cost effective reusable boxes

• Reduce requirement for refrigeration including dry-ice

• Maintain temperature stability compared to active refrigeration 


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