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Random audits of the high users never seem to catch much.

Random audits of the high users never seem to catch much.


In most drug diversion programs, investigators have been given access to tools that indicate they can be used to identify drug diversion.  The problem is that the information that you receive on a daily basis are report after report identifying who the high users were for specific medications and people that were out a certain number of standard deviations.  Given the user set, it is prone to sampling bias.

What you really want to know is the context around the dispense/administer/waste activity: how does it compare vs. their peers and/or clinical unit?  If they administered the same amount of fentanyl as the average person, but only worked a quarter of the hours, that is something of interest.

With current solutions, there is a lot of manual effort needed to correlate all the needed information from other data systems into a spreadsheet to identify trends and patterns and investigate the day’s high users.  It is a very time-consuming task that produces limited results.  Intuitively, you know you have diverters, but you just can’t find them.

HelioMetrics Rx Drug Diversion Analytics utilizes data from multiple sources, providing behavior analysis.  HelioMetrics Top Users reports provide valuable context to all transactions, allowing you to be more productive in finding the anomalous users.  Identify suspicious activity in clicks and minutes, rather than weeks and months.

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