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Vaccine Cold Chain Storage That's a Step Above The Standard [VIDEO]

Migali Scientific 

Vaccine Cold Chain Storage That's a Step Above The Standard 

• Meets CDC guidelines and prepared for NSF 456 standard 

• Blu-Wave® cooling technology for precise temperature uniformity

• Low cost of ownership

• Unique sizes, combinations, and customizations

• Made in the USA since 1955

Vaccine safety and integrity are at the forefront of a patient’s well-being and health. Migali Scientific® has been manufacturing high-performance refrigerators and freezers since 1955. Our cutting-edge Blu-Wave® cooling technology delivers rapid temperature recovery and uniformity, ensuring vaccine and medication safety and efficacy. Scan QR CODE to learn why more hospitals and practitioners are choosing Migali Scientific refrigerators and freezers. 

Committed to Sustainability

We plant a tree for every product sold • 855.462.4254 

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