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With Letco Medical, compounding pharmacies receive more than an affordable supplier. They receive a partner to help navigate industry changes and identify investments that will best position the pharmacy for long-term profitability. Letco Medical is the one-stop vendor for all the products, services, and support needed to meet the challenges faced by compounding pharmacies.

Continuing education has always been the secret weapon to a compounding pharmacy thriving in a highly regulated, highly scrutinized industry. So along with the broad Letco.png range of high-quality products and services, Letco Medical offers access to a calendar of events full of valuable insights and the latest education on new ways to run a profitable, safe pharmacy.

From designing a lab to formulating complex medications to entering a new market, Letco helps compounding pharmacies solve problems and enhance capabilities. The Letco approach means continually investing in customer-focused initiatives that can serve the full-spectrum needs of compounding pharmacists today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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