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Providing Serialized, Barcoded Unit Dose Medications to Health System and LTC Pharmacies Nationwide

Hitting the Mark For Continued BCMA Support

Safety and efficiency. Two things that are always in the forefront of your mind. So, while you’re trying to patch together a consistent and safe supply of unit dose medications stop and consider AHP’s line of pre-packaged, barcoded unit dose products — the industry’s largest with more on the way. 

Effective execution of BCMA programs require medications that scan correctly at bedside. With our robust oral solids portfolio – and growing offering of Liquid Unit Dose cups – AHP UD promotes safety and efficiency while freeing up internal resources

So, make the smart choice with AHP to simplify what is the most complex part of your job. All while promoting positive outcomes for patients.

AHP is a market leader in providing serialized, barcoded unit dose medications to health system and LTC pharmacies nationwide.

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