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DMEPOS & Pharmacy Combined. That is Accreditation. Simplified. The Compliance Team

DMEPOS & Pharmacy Combined. That is Accreditation. Simplified. The Compliance Team

One set of standards for DMEPOS and Pharmacy Accreditation saves time and money.

Company Background

• Delivering Exemplary Provider® Recognition for Over 25 Years

The Compliance Team, Inc. (TCT) was founded in 1994 with the fundamental philosophy that accreditation should not be difficult or costly to achieve. It is a philosophy that providers immediately embrace when they start working with TCT and see how we eliminate the “minutia”. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to standards, we have comprehensively streamlined them to deliver a far more simplified approach — with a lot less paperwork. At TCT it is all about your time and quality of patient care.

Simplification does not mean compromising quality. The fact is our patient centric standards are what set us apart and deliver on our promise to every DMEPOS and pharmacy provider: Accreditation. Simplified. While others will proclaim to be the “gold standard,” the Exemplary Provider Accreditation from TCT is a true designation that your facility delivers the very best in care to your patients. Our providers choose to be exemplary.

Product Overview

Combining DMEPOS and Community Pharmacy Together — For You

Most pharmacies, whether chain or independent, maintain a part B DME PTAN, allowing them to bill Medicare DMEPOS. To do that, accreditation is mandated. TCT recognizes the efforts that providers take to prepare for accreditation, and in maintaining our simplified approach, combines the DMEPOS requirements into our community pharmacy program. By accrediting your entire pharmacy and all the products and services you provide, it sets your pharmacy apart from the competition giving referral sources sound mind. Further, accreditation of your core pharmacy is a pathway to documenting star-ratings data to your plans.

• A Full Suite of Pharmacy and DMEPOS Programs for Providers

Beyond the combined community pharmacy and DMEPOS accreditation, TCT offers a full suite of programs and certifications to support all of your practice needs.

Our DMEPOS sub-specialty programs include:

• Complex Rehabilitation Technology Accreditation

• Orthotics and Prosthetics Accreditation

• Clinical Respiratory Services Accreditation

• Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™ (PCRH™) Accreditation

Our pharmacy accreditation programs include:

• CMS Approved Medicare Part B — DMEPOS

• Community Pharmacy

• Long-Term Care

• Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding (USP Chapters 795, 797,

and 800)

• In-Store Clinic

• Mail Order

• TelePharmacy

• Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home™

• CMS Approved Home Infusion Therapy (HIT)

Our pharmacy certification programs:

• Point-of-Care Testing Certification

• Immunization Certification (Adult and Pediatric)

• COVID-19 Vaccine Preparation and Oversight

Simplified Approach. Team Commitment to YOU.

The TCT approach is superior, but it is our team that truly makes the difference. The accreditation experience is often “deemed” laborious with the institutionalized accreditation organizations that insist on a one-size-fits-all approach. Our commitment to service is personal, genuine, and tailored to your facility’s needs.

For over 25 years our team of full-time advisors has worked closely with providers to ensure that they are getting the insights and preparation they need to plan for accreditation or, in many cases, accreditation renewal. Our advisors are expert evaluators who are trained and equipped to save you time and money. It is a personal level of service and care that is unmatched in the industry.

The Compliance Team Difference From Start to Finish

• Free policy and procedures templates.

• Self-assessment checklists to help you attain and retain your

accreditation status.

• Live and recorded webinars, making the accreditation process flow

more smoothly.

• Access to the patient satisfaction portal, allowing you to benchmark

your patients against thousands of others.

• A three-year payment schedule with no additional fees

Innovation That Leads the Way

The Compliance Team has been awarded the New HMEB Business Services Award of the Year for three consecutive years for our commitment to developing programs and certifications that address the growing demands and needs of providers. Our immunization program has been updated to support the COVID-19 CDC requirements for both pharmacy network administrators as well as independent pharmacies.

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