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Medicine-On-Time — Your Partner at Every Step of Your Adherence Journey

Medicine-On-Time — Your Partner at Every Step of Your Adherence Journey

Medicine-On-Time offers compliance packaging solutions at every price point to service any patient. Start, grow, and master your adherence program with scalable solutions that promote growth and services that help you increase profitability.

Company Background

Medicine-On-Time, A CSS Health Company, improves patient health through a unique combination of technology, and proven processes to help pharmacies achieve better performance and patients enjoy healthier lives. With Medicine-On-Time, pharmacies simplify the preparation and packaging of complex medication regimens for patients, ensuring better medication adherence, higher PDC scores, and improved pharmacy performance. 

Product Overview

Medicine-On-Time’s expanding line of compliance packaging solutions meet the need of any pharmacy, regardless of where you are in your adherence journey, the price point you are looking for, and the markets you serve. Our scalable solutions can help you grow your adherence program from zero to thousands of patients and anywhere in between. 

Product Detail

• MOT Complete: A scalable multi-dose system designed to match the patient’s calendar. Color-coded and organized by dose time, this one-of-a-kind solution is proven to help you increase PDC scores and improve patient outcomes.

• CircuPack: A semi-automated system that offers a low-cost alternative to automated solutions on the market. Easily and accurately fill a multi-dose blister card in a matter of minutes. Your patients will love the unique round design of the card.

• Multi-Dose Startup: An easy solution to start your adherence program. No software is required. Organize your patients’ medications by day and dose time in an easy-to-follow weekly format.

• Single Dose: An array of heat seal and cold seal compliance packaging solutions allow you to supplement your multi-dose system or service skilled nursing and correctional facilities in your community. Manufactured in the U.S. at our Florida facility, single-dose products are made with the highest-quality materials and are available at competitive pricing.

• NEW MTM Pack: Medicine-On-Time is excited to introduce MTM Pack, the latest package type added to our suite of products. This package's color-coded and organized by dose time in an easy weekly layout. It is both cost-effective for your pharmacy, and beneficial for your patients. Join our Advanced Practice Network and receive MTM Pack at an even greater reduced cost!

• motNext Software: A unique adherence software designed to help you streamline your adherence program and improve workflow. Manage multiple package types and enhance services with motNext.

Programs & Services to Increase Profitability

Medicine-On-Time, a CSS Health company offers programs and services that help you streamline workflow, promote your business, and increase revenue and profitability.

• Customer Support: Our team of certified pharmacy technicians and IT professionals provide workflow guidance, software training, and on-going support to help your pharmacy implement and master your adherence program. 

• Marketing Assistance: Medicine-On-Time membership includes a marketing assistance program that empowers your pharmacy to promote your business and reach the markets you value most. 

• Performance Program: It’s a well-known fact that improving adherence is a great way to raise PDC scores and improve quality measures. But how can you turn that into increased profitability for your pharmacy? Medicine-On-Time’s Performance Program will show you how to target the right patients to reach the maximum return on your investment!

• Advanced Practice Network: CSS Health welcomes you to join a growing list of pharmacies and pharmacists who are performing at the top of their license! Through negotiated health plan and payer contracts, CSS Health offers reimbursement opportunities to members for MTM cases and other clinical services.

Scalability & Support

Medicine-On-Time offers the tools and partnerships to help your pharmacy grow your adherence program from the ground up. Through guided implementation, workflow support, marketing assistance, and vendor partnerships, you can start your adherence program with minimal cost and scale your program as demand increases.

Medicine-On-Time partners with Synergy Medical, a Parata company, to help you transition from manual filling to automation when and if the time is right. Medicine-On-Time membership programs offer support and versatility at every step of your adherence journey.

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