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Adaptable Cleanroom Facilities for Sterile Compounding [Video]

Adaptable Cleanroom Facilities for Sterile Compounding

QleanSpace is a turn-key cleanroom with guaranteed functionality. Our highly adaptable solutions have short installation time, and provide a safe and efficient environment for your pharmacy operation. 

QleanSpace complies with all relevant cleanroom standards, USP 795, USP 797, USP 800, and cGMP.

Continuous real-time monitoring of particulate, temperature, humidity and pressure, with features enabling you to set user parameters with audible alarms and data tracking capabilities. 

QleanSpace solutions can be purchased or leased with ongoing dedicated service support for parts and maintenance. We eliminate the guesswork and liability to compliance by providing on-going maintenance and quarterly performance audits of each QleanSpace solution.

A Cleanroom Solution That Fits Your Needs Now and Beyond

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