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Expert Guidance Throughout the Acquisition Process

Expert Guidance Throughout the Acquisition Process

Washburn & Associates is a national pharmacy consulting firm that specializes in pharmacy business valuations, manages the mergers and acquisitions of local and regional pharmacies, and works with the lenders who understand the dynamics of financing a pharmacy. Our understanding of the current market conditions in the pharmacy industry helps us to value pharmacies realistically and accurately. We provide expert guidance throughout the acquisition process. Our yearly pharmacy valuations exceed $4 billion including valuations for eighteen national banks and 27 regional banks. Worldwide acclaimed equity investors and fund managers depend on the pharmacy valuations performed by Washburn & Associates. We provide merger and acquisition services for more than 1,800 pharmacies, including independents, local, regional, and national chains, specialty pharmacy, mail order, and wholesale pharmacy. We are involved in hundreds of millions of dollars in pharmacy funding each year, including both SBA and traditional business financing for expansions, acquisitions, and buy-outs.


Washburn & Associates

Jack Washburn

244 Wading Creek Road

P.O. Box 477

Dutton, VA 23050

TOLL-FREE: 855-725-2614

FAX: 804-725-2616

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