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Critical Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Critical Environmental Monitoring Solutions

For over 45 years, Winland has been a trusted leader in critical-environment monitoring for environment-dependent assets. Working alongside business leaders in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food service industries, we strive to safeguard these perishable assets. This protection is achieved by using our industry-tested, reliable monitoring devices and implementing our real-time, cloud-based, critical-environment monitoring system: INSIGHT. With detailed and customized response protocols, data logs, and extreme flexibility, INSIGHT provides the fastest route to resolution by making the notification of an incident immediately actionable. Clients not only experience peace of mind, but also a higher ROI due to the prevention of inventory loss, regulatory fines, and potentially costly lawsuits. Proudly made in the USA, Winland products are compatible with any alarm system and are available through security dealers worldwide.


Winland Electronics, Inc.

1950 Excel Drive

Mankato, MN 56001

TOLL-FREE: 800-635-4269

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