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FFF Enterprises, Inc. - The Nation's Most Trusted Specialty Distributor

FFF Enterprises, Inc. - The Nation's Most Trusted Specialty Distributor

Our dedication to Helping Healthcare Care® means that we provide you with the products, programs, and services that give you the freedom to focus on patient care.

Company Background

FFF Enterprises was founded on our commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity®, our pledge to purchase product directly from the manufacturer, and ship only to a licensed healthcare professional. With a perfect safety track record of counterfeit-free product distribution since 1988, FFF continues to set the standard for patient safety, product efficacy, and fair pricing for the critical-care products that improve the quality of life for the patients we serve. Our mission of Helping Healthcare Care® is the benchmark by which we measure all our actions. We consider this not just the FFF way, but the only way.

Product Overview

FFF Enterprises is the largest and most trusted specialty distributor of flu vaccines, plasma products, adult and pediatric vaccines, biosimilars and other specialty biopharmaceuticals, and pharmaceuticals. Our customers, who include hospitals, physician practices, homecare companies, and other healthcare providers, receive products through an interactive allocation process. Additionally, we have the technology and equipment to place pharmaceuticals on-site at providers’ offices under our forward-deployed inventory program, which enables providers to keep products readily available for their patients’ needs.

Additional Product Modules

-MinibarRx® combines over 30 years in distribution and over 40 years in smart refrigeration to bring you the strongest inventory management solution for vaccines and biologics. This no-cost, state-of-the-art medical grade refrigeration system that delivers 24/7 temperature monitoring, automated inventory management, and a record of all dispensed items. A fully customizable menu of vaccine presentations, including single-dose vials, multi-dose vials, and pre-filled syringes, gives clinicians flexibility to store vaccines by specialty. With our forward-deployed inventory solution, today’s clinician will now have the ability to vaccinate any patient requiring a high-cost vaccine without worrying about their ability to stock the item. As a result, vaccine compliance will increase as clinicians now have access to vaccines, regardless of cost. A unique user ID secured door tracks users and their activity within the refrigerator, allowing for the tracking and controlling of vaccine inventory and improved management. MinibarRx® is the smart refrigerator that helps make the management of your vaccine inventory worry-free.

-Verified Inventory Program® is a forward-deployed inventory product program featuring specially equipped systems that continuously monitor critical-care product inventory and replenish products as they are used. Offering time and cost-savings among other benefits, this program streamlines inventory par management levels so that you can worry less about inventory and spend more time on patient care.

-Nufactor is a specialty infusion company and a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc., the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines, biosimilars, and other specialty pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Nufactor, established in 1995, specializes in the treatment of patients with chronic conditions, with concentration on treating rare disease states in neurology, immunology, hematology, oncology, dermatology, and rheumatology. The company also supports the immune globulin community through IG Living magazine, a publication devoted to promoting patient advocacy, education and communication. Nufactor is dedicated to solving the chronic problems of affordability, availability, and safety in disease state management for chronically ill patients. Nufactor is deeply committed to the philosophy of providing philanthropic support to the patient communities they serve, including hemophilia, immune deficiencies, and peripheral neuropathies, among others.

-Through MyFluVaccine™ our revolutionary online vaccine ordering platform, we provide advantages that our competitors simply cannot match: 1) Choice – comprehensive all-products portfolio from the industry’s top manufacturers, 2) Convenience – pick your preferred delivery dates, and 3) Safety – Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures a safe supply. With MyFluVaccine, you can take control and manage your flu inventory with ease by selecting multiple presentations from multiple manufacturers, thus mitigating the inherent risks associated with purchasing flu vaccines.

-BioSupply® online ordering system makes ordering your products easy, fast, and convenient. This easy-to-use demand-based product distribution platform is your online portal for ordering FFF’s full portfolio of critical-care biopharmaceuticals, including: adult vaccines, albumin, ancillaries, antithrombin, biosurgical, coagulation, hyperimmune globulin, influenza vaccines, immune globulins, pharmaceuticals, and pediatric vaccines.

-Lot-Track® service tracks products by lot number and provides recall notification within four hours directly to those affected. Lot-Track electronically captures and permanently stores each product lot number, matched to customer information, for every vial of critical-care product we supply. Our Lot-Track team monitors manufacturer and FDA information sources for important product safety or recall notices. In the event of an FDA or manufacturer-initiated recall, Lot-Track searches for the affected lot numbers, retrieves the customer data and begins automatic notification, immediately upon receipt of a recall announcement.

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