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The 2019 Pharmacy Platinum Pages is here! Check out whats new from Q.I. Medical.

The 2019 Pharmacy Platinum Pages is here! Known as the "Yellow Pages of Pharmacy,"  the Pharmacy Platinum Pages Buyer's Guide is published annually and allows pharmacy decision-makers to research and connect with leading product and service providers. Featured in this publication is Q.I. Medical, a California based company specializing in making products for pharmacists and nurses who handle sterile solutions. Their focus is on devices, test kits, and accessories that improve aseptic technique. Applications include environmental monitoring, technique and process validation, microbial and endotoxin contamination testing, filtration, and needleless dispensing. To learn more, check out their placements- 





To see more from Q.I. Medical, check out their Virtual Pharmacy Trade Show booth, here. 

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