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Unit Dose Solutions

Formed in 2005, Unit Dose Solution's mission is to provide packaging services to healthcare facilities (hospitals, long-term healthcare facilities, nursing homes, etc.) and small to mid-sized manufacturers in accordance with good manufacturing practices (“cGMP”).

At UDS patient safety comes first. Compared to other drug distribution systems within hospitals and long-term care facilities, unit dose systems are safer for the patient, with a proven reduction in the number of medication errors. Through both a bar code and human-readable label technology, our services are compliant with all major bedside verification systems.

Our Services
Healthcare Packaging
What if we told you that you could increase patient safety at the bedside, and employee efficiency while saving costs at the same time?

Our Healthcare Packaging Services Include:
-Ointment Pouches
-Liquid Cups
-Oral Syringes
-Unit of Use Bottles and Drams
-Oral Solid Pouches and Robot Ready
-Oral Solid Bingo Cards
-Overwrap Bags and Robot Ready
-Powder Cups and Pouches
-DEA Licensed CII-CV's
-Serialization and cGMP Compliant

Contract Packaging
Unit Dose Solutions’ Contract Packaging service perfectly caters to medium and small-sized manufacturers. Our strength lies in delivering the highest quality cGMP services, while saving your packaging costs at the same time.

Our Contract Packaging Services Include:
-Liquid Cups
-Oral Solids
-Robot Ready
-Unit of Use

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