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Salonpas: Now available in bar-coded/unit-dose packaging


Now available in bar-coded/unit dose packaging for medication management systems

- CDC guidance: can use topical agents as alternative first-line treatments.*

- Barcoded/unit dose saves pharmacy time and labor.

- Topical pain relievers start working on contact

- Treatment works locally with very little medicine traveling throughout the bloodstream.

- Significant cost advantage vs. prescription pain relievers.

*CDC guidance for prescribing opiates for chronic pain

salonpas_lidocaine_BK.pngSalonpas Lidocaine 4% Patch

For patients suffering from back, muscle, or arthritis pain who are ineligible for reimbursement. 

salonpas_relief_patch.pngSalonpas Pain Relief Patch

The first OTC topical NSAID approved by the FDA. Clinically proven to treat mild and moderate musculoskeletal and arthritis pain.

Available from leading distributors

For sales support, please contact Northstar Sales Alliance (203) 222-8900.

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