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Another Teknipure Innovation Hits the Market

Another Teknipure Innovation Hits the Market

Teknipure has developed and introduced another industry first with our new InspectaSat pre-saturated wiper. 

This product has been developed at the request of contamination-challenged engineers and cleanroom operators. Typically, cleanroom wipers are white, and many surfaces, PPE, and supplies in the cleanroom are also white - hence the early name “white-room”. However, often contaminant sought to be removed is white or translucent, making it very difficult to determine the efficacy of wiping because the operator cannot determine what or how much the wipe is picking up and removing. If an operator cannot see what is being removed, or the value of the wiping function being performed, they are less likely to do so as frequently or diligently as needed.


For years, inspection wipes have been available, but rarely used en-masse. Inspection wipes are made from black polyester filament, which makes it much easier to visually see the impact of wiping. 

Teknipure is proud to introduce the InspectaSat, which provides an answer to the industry challenge of determining efficacy of wiping. InspectaSat is a black polyester knit wiper with sealed edges, saturated in ultra-pure IPA/DIW, and packaged in safe, easy-to-use, resealable packages. This product has been very well-received and widely appreciated by contamination control professionals.

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