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The Syringe Solution

MedXL’s prefilled syringes are known for their practicality, reliability, and security. They help improve healthcare professionals’ efficiency by offering a ready-to-use product that reduces medication errors. MedXL has been committed to providing innovative syringes to pharmaceutical manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients for over 25 years. 

The team at MedXL have designed a variety of prefilled syringes, including normal saline and anticoagulant prefilled syringes. 

The prefilled syringes are color-coded to reduce the risks of inadvertent medication errors. Product packaging, labels, and even the caps are color-coded by the product family. 


Customers can also trust that the clear and concise labeling is compliant with ISO, CSA, and EU standards with precise information on directions for use and precautions. The pictograms illuminate information quickly and rapidly for the user. All MedXL products are bar-coded, adhering to GS1 standards at all packaging levels.

MedXL offers an unmatched combination of technologies and services for the best possible outcome for their customers.

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