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Leading Experts in Home Infusion and Ambulatory Infusion Suite M&A

Triangle Healthcare Advisors experience and understanding of the infusion industry exceeds that of any other M&A advisory firm. We have worked extensively with the owners, pharmacists and nurses who combine their skills to provide these valuable therapies. You could not be in better hands.

If you have an infusion business to sell, Triangle Healthcare Advisors is your ideal representative. We literally wrote the book on how to do infusion deals. Rob Monahan, Dan Bramuchi, and Chuck Gaetano have an unparalleled expertise in Home Infusion and have provided M&A Advice and strategic leadership to all the major providers including Option Care, and Coram. Rob Monahan and Dan Bramuchi led all home infusion therapy acquisitions for Option Care and Walgreens for over a decade and purchased over 100 home infusion branches. Chuck Gaetano was the leading broker in home infusion therapy for over a decade. He brokered dozens of deals to Option Care alone. Dan also led Sales and Operations at Option Care and was an owner of a successful home infusion and DME business that was sold at a premium and is now owned by Option Care. Let Triangle bring this collective experience to help you to maximize the opportunity you have to sell your home infusion therapy business.

Home Infusion services have been consolidating for many years, and demand is strong. Reimbursement is relatively stable, although continuously facing pressure like most segments in healthcare. For example, the 21st Century Cures Act caused considerable distress to providers of inotropic therapy as it slashed reimbursement for a hitherto lucrative market segment. Providers are forced to put more money, and effort into meeting the demands of USP797 & USP800. Demographically, healthcare services will continue to grow as the population ages and people seek to age in place. Corporations and Private Equity have billions of capital to put to work. Interest rates are historically low and access to financial leverage is high. Companies want to grow their businesses and the fastest way is through acquisition. There are multiple acquirers in the space including the large providers: Option Care, CVS Health’s Coram division, Optum Healthcare’s Briova Rx / Infusion and multiple Private Equity-backed providers. The future is bright for M&A activity with relatively high valuations. However, any combination of changes to these factors can bring M&A activity to a screeching halt.

If you have an Infusion business to sell, Triangle Healthcare Advisors can provide you with excellent guidance for an optimal outcome. We literally wrote the book on how to do Home Infusion deals. We have excellent relationships with the leadership at Option Care, Coram, Diplomat, and across the private equity landscape.

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