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APS — The Most Unique & Advanced Pharmacy Technology Solution on the Market Today

APS — The Most Unique & Advanced Pharmacy Technology Solution on the Market Today

APS is the only unified medication dispensing system dedicated to post-acute care. APS provides remote dispensing of 250 oral solid medications in multi-dose packages. APS has been proven to reduce costs, save nursing hours, limit hospital readmissions, and maximize formulary efficiencies.

Company Background

Advanced Pharmacy Solutions has been an innovative leader in remote automated dispensing for more than 20 years. APS has partnered with skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities providing AP Passport, the industry leader in remote, on-site, automated dispensing which packages medications on-site in advance of each nursing shift. APS is a “best in class” technological advancement that dramatically enhances patient care, saves valuable nursing hours, provides significant cost containment, and improves the overall efficiency of a care facility. As the senior care environment transitions to value based metrics, there is an increased need for state-of-the-art technological solutions to enable improved patient care through enhanced pharmacy quality, nursing efficiency in the performance of medication management tasks, and the elimination of drug waste for all payers. 

Product Overview

The APS Ecosystem, a design based on years of experience and with guidance from our customers, is a user friendly (just four clicks), state-of-the-art remote automated dispensing system designed for long-term and post-acute care facilities.

The APS Ecosystem is comprised of the APS 250 — the primary dispensing device with capacity of 250 medications, the APS Mini — a smaller dispensing device designed to dispense “as needed” pain medications in a post-acute unit, and the APS Vault — containing emergency unit-of-use medications.

Facilities adopting the APS Ecosystem will experience greater nursing efficiency, increased patient satisfaction, improved medication availability, improved pharmacy accuracy, and reduced medication costs.

The ecosystem will package the medication pass in patient specific multi-dose envelopes just hours in advance of the scheduled medication administration, improving nursing efficiency. On-site access to “as needed” pain medications, antibiotics, and other key medications improve patient satisfaction, reduce unscheduled re-hospitalizations, help solidify referral source relationships, and improve star ratings.

The APS Ecosystem connects seamlessly with your pharmacy and electronic medical record, allowing speedy and accurate dispensing according to the latest physician order. Access to medications quickly when there are order changes or new orders allows your care team to ensure a patient never misses a dose and their care is not compromised due to a pharmacy delay.

Advanced Technology to Provide Superior Care

APS customers are assigned a dedicated APS Concierge to be their one-stop point of contact from initial onboarding to ongoing customer care to ensure they achieve all of the benefits of APS for their organization. Your APS Concierge manager will coordinate the following services for your organization:

A dedicated team to transition your facility to the APS Ecosystem.

Clinical specialists assigned to you for go-live and on-going support.

24-hour live support, providing quick and simple solutions.

Includes real-time video monitoring of your APS Ecosystem and necessary equipment maintenance to keep your APS Ecosystem performing perfectly.

Data Analytics to Manage Your Business in Real-Time

The APS Ecosystem includes the latest data-management technology used to generate real-time customized and standard analytical reports that help you maximize savings and improve care. The analytics provide you with deep insights into all facets of your organization — from medication utilization to regulatory compliance. Primarily, the analytics track medication utilization by drug type, patient, and facility, and enable you to predict utilization trends, physician prescribing patterns, and formulary compliance. They also help you cut costs by streamlining accounting and improving your financial management and bottom-line performance. Our team of experts will work with you to design analytical reports customized to the needs of your care facility, taking into account specific needs, including your operating and regulatory environment. Using the analytics you are better able to make decisions in real-time and improve the level of care in your facility.

APS Education

Your success is our success! We provide comprehensive training for your staff to ensure an easy start up. Education can be customized with on-site education, webinars, and self-directed to minimize time away from your residents. In addition to APS Education, we provide monthly CE webinars addressing a wide variety of topics that are important to our long-term care and senior living customers.

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