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Shortening Incubation Times with Rapid Sterility Testing

With supply chain issues, product release schedules, and the timeliness of contamination investigations, the need for a rapid sterility testing solution is greater than ever before.   

A substitute test method for USP Chapter <71>, ARL Bio Pharma’s rapid sterility testing enables short incubation times when compared to traditional sterility testing. While 14 to 18 days is the typical incubation time for USP <71>, rapid sterility testing can produce results within only 6 days of incubation.  

These shortened incubation times are possible due to Charles River’s Celsis® rapid microbial detection system, which allows for the processing of multiple sample types. Additionally, species-level identification can be completed in the event of a non-sterile test result since it does not need another filtration step of the test media. 


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