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Leading the Way in Quality, Compliance, Reliability, and Passion

Leading the Way in Quality, Compliance, Reliability, and Passion

SCA Pharma is an FDA 503B outsourcing facility that provides the highest quality sterile admixtures and pre-filled syringes. Licensed in all 50 states, SCA offers a robust product catalog, as well as outstanding quality and customer service. Since day one, SCA has performed 100% final product sterility testing with lot specific lab reports for every sterile product produced. SCA additionally performs environmental monitoring and full endotoxin testing on every batch of sterile products, prior to release, fulfilling requirements for Endotoxin (Pyrogen) testing per USP <85> guidelines and cGMP requirements. At SCA Pharma, quality is given, not assumed. We are committed to quality by design combining quality standards with a comprehensive PQS (Pharmaceutical Quality System) which is implemented throughout the different stages of a product’s life cycle. We place an equal importance on every step of the compounding process from receipt and storage of materials, to batch record preparation, through compounding, inspection, and testing to shipping.


SCA Pharma

755 Rainbow Road, Suite B

Windsor, CT 06095

PHONE: 860-985-2689

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