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Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Foam Insulated Shippers

Sustainable Alternatives to Plastic Foam Insulated Shippers

TemperPack solves thermal packaging problems through sustainable design. We are the industry leader in sustainable alternatives to plastic-based insulation. We specialize in bringing custom solutions for clients to scale in the life sciences and perishable food industries. We started TemperPack to make great packaging products that leave an impression on the people who use them. Whether you’re shipping 2-8C, CRT, or frozen products, we feel that consumers deserve smarter solutions than generic plastic foam coolers. To do this, we focus on design-forward approaches to merging sustainability and functionality for clients that ship time-sensitive materials. Our newest product, ClimaCell™, is the next evolution in insulated packaging. ClimaCell™ is certified fully curbside recyclable and has comparable R-Value performance to that of traditional EPS foams. Its unique design folds flat, which saves space in freight and storage at your facilities. ClimaCell™ is made from 100% paper and bio-based materials and uses 97% less emissions to produce, compared to Styrofoam®. We’ve worked with some of the largest companies in cold chain shipping to move away from plastic foam-based coolers. Let us help you make the switch today.



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