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The New Dimension in Pharmaceutical Compounding™

The New Dimension in Pharmaceutical Compounding™

Over the years, MEDISCA Network has developed into a trusted authority in the world of pharmaceutical compounding. With a knowledgeable team of professionals and a variety of technical service offerings, MEDISCA Network supports pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and allied health professionals throughout North American, Australian, and international markets. MEDISCA Network’s services include technical support, which provides access to our extensive online formula database consisting of over 7,500 unique formulas, assistance with customized formula design, and a customer service helpline designed for both the beginner and experienced compounder; specialized consultations with one of our esteemed professionals, each front-runners in their respective fields; and a unique series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to improve and facilitate your day-to-day compliance with current standards of practice in pharmacy compounding. In alliance with MEDISCA and LP3 Network, we are the global leaders in the compounding industry, providing healthcare professionals with high-quality products, continuing education programs, and consultation services.



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