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PDS Will Help You Multiply Your Success and Simplify Your Life

PDS Will Help You Multiply Your Success and Simplify Your Life

PDS believes independent pharmacies are the best place for patients to get the care they need, and therefore we believe independents deserve to thrive. PDS works directly with owners and their staff to teach them to build stronger businesses, provide better patient service, become more effective leaders, and increase profits. By doing so, independent pharmacies become resistant to the industry forces working against them and have the freedom to achieve their aspirations. Unlike drug distributors, buying groups, and trade associations, PDS is 100% focused on equipping independent pharmacy owners with the skills they need to make their life better and their business more valuable. Each year, PDS hosts the leading independent pharmacy conference that thousands of pharmacy owners attend to discover what’s hot and what’s working right now in the industry. The PDS Super-Conference is three days packed with tested and actionable content to equip pharmacy owners with the skills needed to improve patient service and optimize their pharmacy business.

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