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Total Pharmacy Workflow Solutions

Total Pharmacy Workflow Solutions

Parata and TCGRx have combined as Parata Systems to bring you the most comprehensive pharmacy automation portfolio. Check out how many choices you have from one great partner. Ranging from large integrated networks, retail chains, or a single-site location, the Beacon® Inventory Management System gives you dashboards and reports that empower your business to reduce inventory holding costs at any level and in any size organization. Beacon uses pick-to-light technology for rapid, accurate dispensing. These features create a safe, accurate, and efficient process from beginning to end, ensuring that patients receive not only the correct medications but all of their medications! Beacon fits into small spaces, allowing more prescriptions to be filled in a shorter time, and with DeliverRx™ will-call management, decreases will-call retrieval time while reducing inventory costs. It makes all of the processes in your pharmacy more systematic and reportable. Pivot™ for PASS Software optimizes your use of multiple PASS packagers, inventory, and technician hours. Likewise, Pivot™ for Max Software integrates individual Parata Max® robots as one. 



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Durham, NC 27703 

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