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Read How We Tripled Our RPh and Tech Production

Read How We Tripled Our RPh and Tech Production

Several years ago, Don Grove, RPh, started experimenting with J&D Pharmacy’s workflow to increase speed, accuracy, and employee satisfaction due to decreasing third party reimbursements. With the advent of computerized workflow software, he developed the SmartFlow Pharmacy Workflow System. Tools include customized RPh and tech work stations, verification racks, inventory carousels, educational iPad kiosks, and urgency color-coded Rx bundling bags. At the same time, the pharmacy was redesigned to reduce interruptions by patients and allow more transparent interactions among employees. Traditional dispensing is becoming less profitable. Our solution can double or triple the number of prescriptions filled without increasing overhead, especially wages. Our goal is to make it achievable for one pharmacist to verify as many as 500 prescriptions a day and one tech to fill 210 prescriptions a day. We break the dispensing process into various subsets, providing each person in the process with a customized workstation and color-coded bags for prioritizing prescriptions in the workflow. The process is held together with the extensive use of computer technology to track each step of the process. The IBC (Illinois Business Consulting) has verified the increased verifications, accuracy, and employee satisfaction.


SmartFlow Pharmacy Workflow

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