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Helping You Provide the Highest Standard of Patient Care

Helping You Provide the Highest Standard of Patient Care

Helmer Scientific has been providing reliable medical-grade refrigerator and freezer solutions since 1977. We originated in the blood bank market, where precise temperature control is essential to the successful storage of transfusion products. These same principles have been applied to the design and development of Helmer pharmaceutical storage products. We are recognized as the industry leader in providing pharmacy professionals with reliable storage for valuable medications and vaccines, ensuring a high level of patient care and safety. Helmer has launched the new GX Solutions which are the first professional medical-grade refrigerators designed with the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as medication and vaccine storage. Only professional medical-grade refrigerators deliver optimized control in three important areas: temperature, noise, and energy management. These optimized performance characteristics are achieved using our OptiCool™ cooling system which pairs a variable capacity compressor (VCC) with natural hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerants. The Helmer portfolio includes both i.Series® and Horizon Series™ models, offering a choice of monitoring options and features. From the essential alarming capabilities of the Horizon Series to the intelligent information provided by the i.C3® Information Center, exclusive to the i.Series, both lines present a reliable, safe, and effective solution to help you provide the highest standard of patient care. 


Helmer Scientific

14400 Bergen Boulevard

Noblesville, IN 46060

TOLL-FREE: 800-743-5637

PHONE: 317-773-9073

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