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Returns Made Simple

Returns Made Simple

PharmaLink is the nation’s premier pharmaceutical returns and disposal provider that offers personalized boutique-style service to ensure our customers receive maximum credit recovery. We provide top-tier nationwide on-site and mail-in services that securely removes expired, damaged, and unwanted pharmaceuticals from pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Our professionally trained returns consultants create tailored custom solutions unique to each client to guarantee compliance, maximum credit recovery, and quality service. PharmaLink securely disposes all products that are not eligible for manufacturer credit reimbursement via incineration. We accept controlled substances and prepare all regulatory paperwork, including DEA Form 222. Our customers receive real-time inventory processing and credit reports through our advanced web-based reporting application, Encore®. We continue to deliver excellence and value to our customers by providing quality service, expertise, and ethical solutions in an effort to offer maximum return credit recovery.



8285 Bryan Dairy Road #200

Largo, FL 33777

TOLL-FREE: 800-257-3527

FAX: 727-669-8327

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