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Industry Leading Staffing Solution in All 50 States [VIDEO]

CareerStaff Rx

Connecting Top Pharmacy Professionals with Premier Pharmacies

Why Pharmacies Partner With CareerStaff Rx:

•Industry Leading Staffing Solution in All 50 States

• Temporary/Permanent Solutions

• Access to Over 500,000 Pharmacists

• No Fee Placements Software Implementation and Upgrades

• Interim Pharmacy Management

• Temp-to-Hire The Right Candidate Every Time

• Eliminate Internal Recruitment Costs

Why Pharmacists Work With Us:

• We Offer Top Pay and Benefits

• 401k Options and Life Insurance

• Gain Experience in All Settings 

• Exposure to the Most Prestigious Health Systems in the Country

• Create Your Own Schedule

Coverage available for vacation, FMLA, and maternity leave! | 1-800-766-0122 |

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