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SynMed® Blister Pack Automation by Synergy Medical [VIDEO]

SynMed® Blister Pack Automation by Synergy Medical

Company Background

For 12 years, Synergy Medical has been providing proven and reliable technology for blister card automation, now used daily for over 400,000 lives. We are dedicated to the design, manufacture, service, sale, support, and innovation of the SynMed® System – all here in North America.

Since our first installation in January 2008, there have been hundreds of SynMed® installations in retail drugstores, long-term care pharmacies, and in pharmacy chains that have centralized their blister card production service (central fill operations).

Synergy Medical engineers are continuously working to upgrade our technology; our team is highly specialized.

We pride ourselves on the close relationships we have formed with our customers – this allows the Synergy Medical team to evolve and ensure we provide the optimal solution for our pharmacy partners.

Product Overview

SynMed® is an automated dispensing system for solid oral medications in both single-dose and multimed blister packs. Our solution guarantees flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency.


-SynMed® will integrate with your existing pharmacy management software, and interface with your eMAR systems.

-SynMed® can adapt and interchange between both single-dose (bingo cards) and multi-dose blister packs (adherence packaging).

-SynMed® is compatible with 40+ blister packs so it will easily adapt to each unique environment; that means pharmacies can automate with the blister card(s) their customers prefer to receive.

-SynMed®’s patented pick and place technology minimizes cross contamination and ensures minimal maintenance required.

-SynMed®’s vast store of containers optimizes automated production; these containers are easily calibrated on-site, at no cost, and with no time wasted.


The system accuracy is 99.98%, as compared to manual production where one can expect a 5-10% error rate. Barcode scanning and on-screen guidance ensure secure production. Biometric scanning tracks responsibility.


No automation is comparable to the flexibility and output of SynMed® ULTRA; with two operators, your pharmacy will produce:

-Up to 100 multi-dose cards per hour.

-Up to 200 single-dose cards per hour.

The SynMed® generated label has a number of unique, customizable features that will improve patient outcomes, and enhance customer loyalty and retention.

Your pharmacy can market this output to community patients, assisted living, retirement homes, and LTC facilities, all of whom highly value these label features:

-Color coded for time of administration.

-Pictogram option representing time of administration.

-Bold, large-font print further ensures proper medication adherence.

-Patient picture ensures medication delivery to the right patient.

-Medication images provide accuracy assurance, facilitate checking, and change management.

There is a SynMed® solution for all volumes of production: SynMed® XF, SynMed® ULTRA for high-volume environments, and SynMed® Assist for guided manual production.


“We now produce cards for our 1,500 patients one full day before our delivery date and three full days before the patient’s actual start date. Production requires fewer FTEs, allowing us to perform more MTM related activities.” — Barry Klein, M.S., R.Ph/Klein’s Pharmacy

“The accuracy of using SynMed automation is incomparable to manually filling cards. Automation is great for acquiring more business, and affords time for ensuring accuracy when filling calendar cards.” — Melissa Gilkison, Pharm D./Auburn Pharmacy

“To have flexibility in how your product looks and is delivered to the consumer is very important. There’s a continuum of care, and with the SynMed-generated adherence packaging we can adapt to each setting; that’s why we thought SynMed fit our strategic plans.” — Kevin Fearon, R.Ph, MBA/Absolute Pharmacy

Ordering Information

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about adherence packaging, automation, and how we can help your business grow.

Mark Rinker, Vice President of Sales, North America (519) 200-8338 |

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