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Offer Safe and Responsible Drug Take-Back With PharmaLink

Taking back unwanted or expired pharmaceuticals is a smart and responsible way to increase foot traffic to your store, keep drugs out of the environment, and protect your patients and their families. Consumer take-back programs must comply with safety regulations, however, making it potentially too time-consuming for pharmacies to manage on their own.

PharmaLink’s RxTakeBack program provides an easy way to safely comply with the requirements of the DEA Secure and Responsible Drug Disposal Act of 2010, by creating an avenue for patients to dispose of unwanted medications, including controlled substances. The bright orange RxTakeBack kiosk has a small footprint and comes with all mounting hardware. The corrugated box liner safely and securely transports unused medications with the necessary tracking documentation. PharmaLink provides marketing support materials to help you get the word out to customers that your pharmacy now offers important drug take-back services.


About PharmaLink
Founded in 2000, PharmaLink, Inc. is the nation’s premier pharmaceutical reverse logistics and disposal provider. With services spanning the complete spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, they have a 360-degree view of the needs of all businesses involved in the delivery of healthcare. From a reverse logistics perspective, they deliver impactful solutions that trim cycle time while safely removing unwanted product from the marketplace. Their simple user interfaces are backed by a powerful enterprise infrastructure, producing accurate processing and quality analytics that optimize business decision and increase bottom line. This is all achieved while adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level. With customizable solutions available for any size client, PharmaLink is the choice provider for pharmaceutical return and disposal solutions.

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