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What Makes Us the Best Software Company for Your Independent Pharmacy? - Datascan

What Makes Us the Best Software Company for Your Independent Pharmacy?

For nearly 40 years, Datascan has been an innovator in the pharmacy software industry. We are the independently owned software company for the independently owned pharmacy. Our software helps build profits back into your pharmacy, analyzes claims for DIR fees and losses, streamlines processes to accomplish more without requiring additional staff, and allows you to customize your pharmacy’s workflow. All programs are developed and maintained in-house. Our clients’ feedback goes a long way and influences the enhancements we build into our systems. The WinPharm system includes the most innovative technology from our integrated MedSync, to our one-of-a-kind adherence dashboard and AWP increase dashboard which are designed to boost star ratings, increase reimbursements, and help maintain better patient adherence. WinPharm is also ideal for long-term care pharmacies, compounding pharmacies, specialty, and institutional facilities, and manages their needs on a daily basis. Tired of being treated like a number by your vendor? Want to be an important client again? Give us a call today and find out why we service the same clients for decades, and why so many pharmacies are making the switch to Datascan year after year.



Sarah Callioras

1602 Lakeland Avenue

Bohemia, NY 11716



FAX: 631-698-0383

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