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How Do you Keep Blood Products in the Proper Temperature Range?

How Do you Keep Blood Products in the Proper Temperature Range?


I hope you are well. Normally at this time of year I am on the road – visiting sites like yours to review storage and transport guidelines, and explore how temperature indicators can help improve quality control.  While I'll miss seeing you, all of us at Temptime are looking for creative ways to connect and make sure we're meeting your needs.

We understand that in busy hospitals and trauma centers, demand for RBCs is unpredictable. That’s why establishing protocols to make sure units stay well below the recommended 10ºC is critical.

Safe-T-Vue® Helping Medical Centers Deliver Patient-First Healthcare

I wanted to share this story on how one mid-sized urban medical center and teaching hospital is using a temperature sensitive indicator that attaches directly to blood bags. 

A nonreversible temperature indicator like Safe-T-Vue 10, which has earned the AABB  Standards Compliant designation, indicates if a high temperature existed - even if it eventually returns to a lower level. 


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