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No Time for Uncertainty

No Time for Uncertainty


No two emergency runs are exactly alike, but first responders are counting on repetition when it comes to supply organization. Having a consistently stocked set of tools ready at a moment’s notice is critical to a successful rescue. 

Create that familiar feeling when you stock our new Pelican Emergency Box for fast access. This three-tray storage box includes side handles and a shoulder strap for hassle-free transport when seconds count.    

The central tray compartments can be locked with a security seal to protect sensitive items. Likewise, the lightweight box is watertight, crushproof and dustproof, so it can handle all the elements. 

Looking for something similar but different? We offer a full line of Emergency Boxes and Accessories that can be specially designed to suit your needs. 

Check out our inventory online or call us to discuss your ideal solution!  

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