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Thoroughly Modern Lab Experience - ElectricLab

Become mobile and use barcoding in new ways, be free to move with a notebook, tablet, or smartphone to pull your certificate of analysis, and monitor inventory levels, get alerts, and create purchase orders. These are just some of the actions that define ElectricLab. 

Gone are complicated installations and order procedures, and here to stay is an efficient system that keeps everyone in the lab on task and informed. Even signing up with ElectricLab to starting production is under a week.


Pharmetika has transformed compounding by advancing the experience through ElectricLab, which illuminates data transparency and visibility for all stakeholders. The app takes innovation to a new level with tools to manage formulas, workflow, and resources. For example, formulas can be templated so you can change instructions and formula tasks in one place for all of them.

ElectricLab has re-thought formula management and lab from the ground up. Launched in 2017, Pharmetika is a solution provider to the compounding and specialty segments of the pharmacy industry.

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