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When patient lives are at risk, every minute counts.

Drug diversion can happen in every stage of the medication-use process. Uncovering these occurrences quickly can save lives. Not to mention protect the facility from regulatory fines or negative publicity. MAAP Analytics™ can uncover potential risks in minutes. Not days. Not weeks. Or even months.

MAAP Analytics was created, developed, and tested from the clinical ground up, ensuring all users and all medications are tracked and monitored in all locations. Based on a five-year benchmarking study done at Mayo Clinic, MAAP Analytics is one of the most comprehensive, drug diversion prevention platform in the marketplace. We utilize machine learning to compile data from any locations in a health system. A simple click and all collected variances appear, ready to be reviewed and analyzed. Drug diversion incident detected. Patient lives saved. Peace of mind delivered.

How we reduce error rates

Most occurrences that may look like drug diversion are not. That’s the good news. In fact, based on five years of tracking and monitoring drug diversion, we know that some errors that may look like diversion are unintentional, caused by inadequate training, inefficiencies, or missed protocols. But how can you tell the difference?

MAAP Analytics is powered by business intelligence (BI) automation, enabling us to track behavior and trends to predict and uncover costly errors so you can focus on improving efficiencies.

COVID-19 Impact

As healthcare workers are taking the heroic steps to handle COVID-19 in their facilities, the increased demand for medication has left them vulnerable to drug diverters. These individuals have taken advantage of the chaos and the sudden influx of patients to swipe medications already in short supply. Hospitals are already facing financial setbacks due to cancelled procedures and the increased rates of drug diversion are adding to that cost. Now more than ever, hospitals need an intelligent software that can monitor all users and all medications in all locations.


MAAP Analytics:

Pinpoints all errors

Segments each occurrence by location

Tracks and monitors resolutions

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