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Gregory Reeder Named New CEO at Medterra CBD

Medterra has come a long way in the past four years. What started with a simple wholesale CBD brokerage has blossomed into one of the world’s foremost CBD companies. Today Medterra is a true thought leader when it comes to providing premium-grade CBD to the public. The quality of our CBD is recognized by professional athletes and medical professionals alike. 

As we’ve grown and evolved, our mission has, too. We’re excited to announce that Gregory Reeder will step in as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Reeder’s arrival comes at the perfect time — his background fits our aspirations to transition to an even more holistic path.


Medterra’s former CEO and Founder, Jay Hartenbach, will take on a new role as CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) while also staying on as Chairman of the Board. 

According to Jay, Greg is indeed a great fit for where Medterra is heading. “Throughout his career, Greg has found continual success in accelerating the growth of both well recognized and newer brands. That experience is going to be critical to our efforts to expand as a company,” he explains. “Greg’s success has only continued as he completely reshaped Medterra’s international business. It was clear very early on that all of Medterra would benefit from this level of leadership.”

And where exactly does Greg plan to take Medterra? According to Greg himself, “the word Medterra means ‘from the earth,’” so perhaps it’s only fitting that Medterra would “go beyond CBD and identify broader levels of innovation where natural solutions are concerned.”

Reeder’s prior roles included managing Pfizer’s Consumer Healthcare branch in Canada and Romania. He’s also worked with Medterra since February as Managing Director of Medterra International. Reeder may have got his start with a Ph.D. in Chemistry…but his career has only evolved and advanced since then. 

This new move? It’s an opportunity-filled next step. 

“I’m honored with the opportunity to work with our incredible Medterra team as we evolve our business, while still driving the evolution and widespread acceptance of CBD forward.”

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