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Visante - Advancing the Business of Pharmacy™

Company Background 

Visante is a multidisciplinary, clinician-composed consulting firm specializing in all aspects of the business of pharmacy. We believe in moving the practice of pharmacy forward through innovative solutions that deliver lasting results. Far too often we’ve seen pharmacy and medication management underutilized or under-resourced, resulting in a negative impact on finances and patient care. We’re in the business of reversing that. We’re in the business of advancing pharmacy. By diagnosing and solving complex problems, we help organizations more effectively deliver optimized and compliant medication related services. Our 60-plus consultants include experienced pharmacists, nurses, physicians, IT professionals, and business experts, all working together to ensure you get the right solutions for your unique needs. No matter what your specific challenge is, we always know what matters most – delivering safe, high-quality, cost-effective patient care so you can continue to grow. 

Featured Services

 Comprehensive Pharmacy Assessment Optimizes Financial and Clinical Results 

We put our extensive experience and knowledge to work to assess your current operations and help you take your pharmacy to the next level. We have the right combination of skills to evaluate all the moving parts and recommend improvements that will help you provide better patient care while improving your bottom line. We listen and work closely with you to support your objectives, delivering a personalized pharmacy plan for optimal growth, including a complete evaluation of your current program; opportunity analysis for safety, clinical, operational, and financial improvements; strategic planning support based on identified opportunities; and program enhancement design and implementation. 

340B Solutions for Total Compliance and Lasting Success 

Visante’s independent, external audit support continues to provide transparency to your 340B processes, allowing you to recognize compliance gaps while also focusing on new opportunities within the program. Visante provides: internal and external audit support, on-site HRSA audit support, and corrective action plan guidance in the event of HRSA audit findings; gap analysis and targeted recommendations, focusing on long-term strategy in the mixed-use and contract pharmacy space to ensure program optimization; program implementation and development of internal oversight structure and maintenance; and split billing RFP guidance, implementation, and program re-designs. Visante’s experienced team members are all Apexus 340B University graduates, many of whom have completed the Advanced Ops Certificate. 

Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding Compliance That Drives Safe, High-Quality, Cost-Effective Care 

Safely compounded medications are essential to quality patient care. Hospitals face the challenge of optimizing care while also meeting safety requirements and managing cost. We will prepare you for compliance with USP Chapters <795>, <797>, <800>, and <825>. We’ll also assist you in preparing for compounding related inspections by the CMS, FDA, DEA, and Joint Commission/DNV. Our consulting services include: USP <795>, <797>, <800>, and <825> gap assessment and facility design; 503A, 503B assessment, facility design, and implementation support; and home infusion compounding services. When it comes to pharmacy compounding, we don’t settle for basic compliance – and you shouldn’t either. Our processes are designed to assist you and your team to be successful. 

Drug Diversion Prevention Protects Your Patients and Yourself 

Drug diversion problems continue to escalate with opioid addiction at epidemic levels. Our program takes a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to identify drug diversion risk points in your medication use processes. Minimize risk through assessment of pharmacy operations, informatics, automation, nursing, and perioperative processes to identify and strengthen points of vulnerability. Our drug diversion experts have real-life experience in hospitals and health systems and understand the challenges hospitals face today and in the future. 

Expand Your Specialty Pharmacy Services and Quality of Care 

A clearly defined specialty pharmacy strategy can help improve patient care and optimize your bottom line. Developing a specialty pharmacy strategy or expanding your existing services can be a complex process, but our team of experts guides you through each phase and delivers lasting ROI. Our specialty pharmacy consulting capabilities include: operational assessment and pro forma models; multi-year business and strategic plans; facility design including workflow and automation options; implementation and project management; accreditation support (URAC/ ACHC/CPPA); contract pharmacy strategy, if applicable; wraparound strategy to include consideration for site of care challenges (infusion); and home infusion and DME strategies and business planning. 

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