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Is Your Vaccine Storage Up To The Challenge?


Let PHCbi Brand Products Help Minimize Uncertainty

Are you prepared to protect vaccine efficacy and meet CDC guidelines for vaccine storage?1, 2 PHCbi brand offers a full range of pharmaceutical refrigeration and ultra-low temperature options to make this easy.

  • Regardless of size, each PHCbi brand pharmacy refrigerator delivers superior temperature uniformity throughout the cabinet, even when fully loaded
  • Innovative, energy-saving compressor technology extends the life of the unit
  • Reserve cooling power restores inside storage temperatures during times of frequent access
  • Auto-defrost technology eliminates frost on cooling coils
  • Combination refrigerator/freezer models save space and money to accommodate both refrigerated and frozen inventory
  • EPA SNAP compliant natural refrigerants and ENERGY STAR® Certifications are available on many models
  • Ultra-low freezers provide reliable temperatures as low as -80°C, suitable for storage of certain COVID-19 vaccines

Be prepared to meet the challenge of this vaccine season. Contact PHC Corporation of North America today for more information. 

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